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Hello World Again.

This blog started yesterday because even Free Software needs marketing. Hugin and Enblend, two amazing image processing tools, are a few weeks away from new releases with exciting new features.

The intention is to keep the readers updated on progress. The first Hello World post went missing to a hastily wrong hit on the delete key. So here is again what happened this week in panospace.

Pablo published a new version of the SDK (Software Development Kit) that enables discerning Windows users to build the latest hugin on their own machine and help the project move forward toward release.

Support for OSX has been further refined by Harry. It is now possible to build a version of Hugin for one own’s Mac (Intel and PPC) using MacPorts or Fink, and there will be two binaries, one for Intel and one for PPC, in the upcoming release.

Enfuse dominated much of the discussions, with further EXIF-preserving wrappers by Erik for Windows and with Dominik providing comprehensive build instructions for OSX. Simon provided an initial Linux shell wrapper and Harry one for OSX.

5 Responses

  1. The hugin sdk for windows works nicely. There are detailed instructions for building with it on the panotools Wiki at

  2. Dear Mr Yuval Levy,
    I want to thank you to promote the panoramic works, community, software and techniques. The more people get into Panoramas and get involved in creating new art, the more we develop the photographic medium.
    Sorry to appear as negative, but the name PANOSPACE is our creation since 2001.
    Could you please change the name “PANOSPACE” and find something else for the name of your blog ?
    I can give you some ideas for that, if you need.

    This name PANOSPACE is registered and copyrighted by us, and this could lead to confusion for our clients, sponsors agents and relatives.
    As you seem to feel responsible for your own copyright, could you please act accordingly.
    Thank you in advance,

  3. Answer to Antoine Cuvelier

  4. Just a few remarks…

    If PANOSPACE is supposed to be a trademark, why is there no entry in the usual sites you can use to check that information?
    (eg; http://www.icimarques.com returns nothing.)

    Ownership of panospace.com does not provide any rights as a trademark in France as far I know.

    Copyright on a single word also can’t be claimed in french law. Trademark law might apply, but supposed there is a trademark first.


  5. Cher Antoine Cuvelier,

    Tu ne peux pas “copyrighter” un nom. Tu peux à la rigueur déposer une marque, mais certainement pas prétendre à un droit d’auteur.

    Du coup, ta demande est un peu ridicule.

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