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Hugin on OSX

Hugin has been traditionally well supported on OSX by Ippei Ukai who also contributes the Japanese translation.

Harry van der Wolf, contributor of the Dutch translation, as taken upon himself the work of building regularly OSX snapshots in the current development cycle. Today, with Ippei’s help and Harry perseverance, the OSX version of Hugin went “from bleeding edge to leading edge” as a long outstanding wxWidgets issue that resulted in content bleeding out of the window’s edges has been solved. The OSX version of Hugin is on equal foot with the Linux and Windows versions.

wxWidgets, which is still the GUI framework of the current Hugin, has been at the root of many issues on the other paltforms as well, and the upcoming release will still be in a wxWidgets framework. However, Ippei’s work from last summer of migrating the codebase to the Qt framework, is waiting around the corner, hopefully soon after the next release.

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