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Hugin Windows Installer

Over the past two days I worked in my spare time to build an installer for Hugin in Windows. I am pleased to share the first draft with you. Please download and test it, but read this first.

The first and most important purpose of this installer is to find out if files are stored in the right places and the application starts. To avoid replacing an older but functional version of Hugin with a newer that might or might not work:

  • make sure you have a backup.
  • don’t use this installer in a mission-critical setting.
  • select a custom install folder.
  • be tolerant if things don’t work as you expect them to.
  • Report bugs, or other experiences. Feedback is welcome.

The installer is modular. It currently delivers the most recent version of the Hugin suite, including, Enblend, Enfuse, Erik Krause‘s droplets (with a convenient shortcut on the desktop), Autopano-SIFT-C and even a recent version of the Pantools. No Panotools Plugins for Photoshop or the Gimp yet. This will be for next time.

There are still known bugs in the code.

  • Enfuse is known to have issues with zenith and nadir.
  • Autopano-SIFT-C does not work yet from Hugin, but it will work from the command line.

Despite the known (and unknown) bugs, the code is pretty functional. You don’t really need Autopano-SIFT-C: Hugin has an amazing functionality: auto-fine-tune. Just click approximately on the place where the control point should be located and Hugin will determine the exact position for you. With auto-fine-tune, everybody can quickly and easily set control points of the highest precision.

At first I thought I’d commit the installer to SVN, but I realized looking at my notes that besides the installer files there have been a dozen or so changes, all related to the packaging process. It would be a half-baked commit. So for now, I only documented what I did and shared it in this form. Further discussion is welcome.

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  1. Thanks for creating this installer. Will give it a try.

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