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another round of installers

Harry released Hugin SVN2797 and Enblend/Enfuse CVS20080207 for OSX a few hours ago.

It took me slightly longer. Timezone difference. And I was still experimenting with some installer options. Here are my Hugin SVN2801 and Enblend/Enfuse CVS20080207 for Windows.

New for Windows:

  • many bugfixes (but there are more to come), thanks to Pablo d’Angelo, Andrew Mihal, Ippei Ukai and others
  • a new enfuse droplet by Erik Krause
  • a choice of three different ways to run autopano: APSC by Tom Sharpless, autopano-c-complete.exe in Perl by Bruno Postle, and autopano-c-complete.vbs improved by Tom Sharpless.
  • experimental in this installer: some default settings. only the settings for the autopano are concerned at the moment, but if the experiments works well, default settings will be part of the installer. Please let me know what your favorite settings are.
  • Better compression – the installer is now more than 50% smaller (9MB).
  • a standalone Enblend/Enfuse installer. This is a quick derivate of the Hugin installer and will evolve over the next iteration to a more specific installer.

Download links in the tester section of the download page.

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