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Deep Links

Update: If despite trying to download from the download page of this blog you still land here, please disable your browser’s or personal firewall referer hiding.

I’ve added a layer of protection against deep links to the distribution snapshots. Some well intentioned people have shared direct links to my hugin snapshot installer with their friends on public forums. This had some unfortunate, unintended consequences.

Older snapshots

  • are unsupported.
  • are removed from the server, resulting in a 404 error if linked.
  • have generally more bugs than newer ones.
  • result in confusing test feedback, wasting the time of both the tester and the developer involved.

The newest packages are always available for download from the download page of this blog. You are welcome to link to the download page. If after clicking the link on the download page you come back here, it is because you need to deactivate referer hiding in your browser or firewall.

I build and distribute regularly Hugin and Enblend-Enfuse binaries for Windows, and they are yours to use. I do this on a voluntary basis, to advance the projects. The main purpose of these snapshot builds is to have the most recent version tested, and to generate feedback about bugs in those snapshots builds. You can join the hugin-ptx mailing list and help the effort too. Every bug report counts.

However note that at the moment the code evolves very rapidly as bugs are fixed and it’s robustness is improved toward a release. These snapshots have a very limited shelf-life. I published one last Thursday and I was going to publish one again on Friday. I did not because a new bug has been introduced to the codebase. I am waiting for the fix and will publish new binaries as soon as possible. As we’re getting closer to release, I intend to publish snapshot builds very frequently, probably nightly.

Sending a friend to an older snapshot is like offering them stale bread to eat. Give your friends fresh bread, send them to the download page instead.

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