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bugfixes only for today (yesterday) release. It’s early morning and I have not hit the pillow yet. Harry released SVN2821 for OSX earlier today. I stretched to SVN2825 with the help of the timezone difference and of Pablo working late to fix bugs.

I’ve spent a few hours figuring out Bruno’s new match’n’shift. It works well in Linux. Unfortunately Perl is not installed by default on Windows boxes. I got it running from the command line after installing Perl and some other dependencies, but Hugin will not call it properly through the Windows system calls. Also a Perl install is not exactly something for the average user, so the verdict is: not ready for the installer.

I’m stuck trying to figure out how to compile the Perl script into an executable? Help appreciated. Bruno did it with autopano-c-complete, but he did not document everything and it seems that the tool he used has been discontinued/merged into another tool. Perl is really cryptic to figure out.

Sometimes I ask myself why am I doing this? I’m anyway using Hugin more in Linux than in Windows, so this installer does not have much use to me. Oh, well, it’s for the community.

Apology to those who wished a zipped distribution. I prefer to spend my time trying to figure out Perl, and when time runs out, it runs out and there is no zip.

No significant changes to Enblend-Enfuse since the last snapshot installer, so it is still the same one up there.

Downloads here as usual. Try it!

One Response

  1. Hey Yuv,

    I am sure your work for the community is not only appreciated a lot by me, but by everyone! Thank you for your efforts; I am on a Win XP and your builds are so useful for me…

    Regards, Ph.

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