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The daily bug hunt challenge

The next hugin release is on the sprint toward the finish line. The builds become more solid and stable as days go by and Pablo fixes the bugs. He needs your help! Here is how.

  1. Make sure you start with the most recent snapshot. The latest downloads for Windows and OSX, as well as the instructions for Linux, are posted here.
  2. Look at the list of known bugs. Specifically, on the bug tracker, select the group 0.7.0 in the drop down menu and click “browse”.
  3. Choose one bug from that list. Click on it and read the bug report and comments. Determine if you have all it takes to replicate it. Some bugs are applicable only for specific systems. Others have the necessary image files attached. Use common sense, and in doubt just take up another bug.
  4. Try to reproduce the bug. Follow the instructions posted on the bug report. It’s usually easy, takes only a few minutes and does no harm to your computer. But for safety, make sure you saved all your other work in progress.
  5. Report your experience back. If you have a Sourceforge account, you can reply in the bug report thread. Alternatively, just share your findings on the hugin-ptx mailing list.
  6. Be specific. In your report, specify the exact operating system you’re running hugin on and the version of hugin you have tested. You can see the version in the help -> about menu. For example right now I am running Version, or short SVN2825, on a WinXP SP2 box.

And if you find a new bug? you can add it to the bug tracker or report it on hugin-ptx. Nobody will hate you for that :-)

At the time of writing, there are 28 bug reports open in the 0.7.0 group. Some might be already solved in the most recent snapshot, but this need to be confirmed by you. Some might still be applicable, and Pablo needs your feedback to know about it. Many are show stoppers.

If four of you take up one bug per day, in one week they will have been all checked and we’ll know how much work is left until release. Assuming no newer bug are found.

This morning, I went through three of them.

  • It has taken me five minutes to verify that bug 1077567 is fixed.
  • It has taken me five minutes and a little common sense to determine that bug 1742019 is not a show stopper and move it to 0.7.1 group.
  • It has taken me five minutes to verify that bug 1224840 is still applicable to SVN2825 on a WinXP SP2, and it is probably a show stopper for release. It won’t be long until it gets Pablo attention.

Which bug will you take up today?

7 Responses

  1. Bug Found:
    On Mac OS X 10.4.10
    Using Hugin 0.7.0-svn2821

    On the Assistant Tab, when loading images with incomplete EXIF data, the “Camera and Lens data” dialog is poorly formated. All the text is confined to a box that is 4-5 letters wide. The window must be resized before you can see all the text and the data entry fields.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Possible Bug:
    On Mac OS X 10.4.10
    Using Hugin 0.7.0-svn2821

    In the Stitcher tab, Selecting Trans Mercator projection greys out the ability to automatically calculate FOV and Optimal Size.

  3. I just fixed bug 1224840, and the tiny intial size of the “Camera and Lens data” dialog on OSX. As I don’t have an OSX machine, this is untested though.

    The automatic calculation of FOV and optimal size of transverse mercator projection needs more changes and will likely happen after 0.7 has been released.

  4. Take the latest hugin on a test ride and tell us what you think of it.

  5. Unfortunately, the fix didn’t take. (hugin 0.7.0-svn2851)
    The dialog is opened at a large size, but the text is fully left justified and only 3 characters wide.

    Screenshots at:
    1st: inital view
    2nd: after resizing window with corner drag

  6. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for checking the bug. I have changed the layout of the dialog again. I hope this time it works on OSX, too.
    SVN 2861 or later.

  7. hugin 0.7.0-svn2863 fixed the dialog problem
    Camera and Lens data dialog works great now

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