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I stumbled upon this interesting application of the Hugin Snapshot Installer. Inspired by the refocusing research shown in this interview with Stanford professor Marc Levoy on PodTech, Mike Warot tries to show a clear photograph of the Chicago Cultural Center, without the trees in the foreground obscuring the lower half of the building. Work in progress.

5 Responses

  1. You should look at tufuse from Max Lyons. It’s an enhanced enfuse tools with refocusing.


  2. Alexandre – thanks for the pointer, it looks interesting. It might make it much easier to do the alignment with that tool.

    I’ve got some results now, but I’m going to be adding control points for a long time I think… ;-)

    The most recent merge of 21 frames is at http://www.flickr.com/photos/–mike–/2275419757/

    I chose a big flat building to make it easier on myself… but it’s not truly flat… the ends stick out a bit.

  3. Mike, if you need alignment, you might want to check the EnfuseAlign droplet by Erik Krause – it is both in the Hugin and Enblend-Enfuse installer.

  4. The problem with automatic alignment is that it’s like an autofocus that covers the whole picture.. you can’t limit where it tries to align things… that’s how I ended up with my first mistake…

    I wrote about that here : http://mikewarot.blogspot.com/2008/02/wrong-focus.html

    Here’s the photo in question:

  5. In response to the question by Daniel Reetz… I’ve posted a brief explanation of of how and why I use Hugin to do these virtual focal plane images. It’s at


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