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bugIt’s been a month since the daily bug hunt challenge has launched. As expected, a daily rythm is hard to keep up in a project built 100% on volunteered resources / time. Nevertheless, the results of this last month of effort is a success. This graph speaks for itself.

In the 0.7.0 category (the bugs that needs to be fixed prior to release) we had a net decrease of three. There are now 25 such bugs open. This is not the whole story: 19 bugs have been fixed, and 16 new reports filed. The new reports are often minor cosmetic bugs. The overall bug count has also slightly decreased, and we’re now at a point where 50% of the reports are newer than 30 days.

This means:

  • Pablo and the developers are doing an excellent bug fixing job
  • The tester are doing an excellent and thorough job at verifying the fixes
  • The quality of the code has improved so much, that now bug reports are filed for cosmetic issues

The activity on the bug tracker is testimony to a dedicated, vibrant community. Bug hunting goes on!