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Canon Digital Photo Professional in Ubuntu Linux

DPP ubuntu

I’ve been looking for a Linux native application to browse through my ever growing collection of RAW files and convert them for further processing. Coming from the Windows world, so far I did not find any such application that matches my expectation of speed, comfort and features.

My benchmark is Adobe Lightroom, but unlike Photoshop it does not work in wine yet. So I took the dust off the CD that came with my camera and installed Canon Digital Photo Professional.

It works with quirks. The left hand side file system navigation pane has problems refreshing the display and the tool palette moves sometimes out of sight on my dual display. To keep it in sight, I open the picture window on the right display.

Installation was not completely straight forward:

  1. insert the CD and run wine setup.exe from the command line.
  2. download the latest update from Canon.The link is for North America only. Isn’t geographic market segmentation for this kind of product pathetic in the days of the global internet?
  3. The difficult step: edit the wine registry key. In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/AeDebug set Auto from 1 to 0 (remember to change it back after the update).
  4. run the update from the command line.

Overall it’s fast browsing through my tons of RAW files. I’d prefer a Linux native application, but all I’ve seen so far doesn’t match the speed and comfort of Canon’s DPP. The search for the better image browser / raw converter goes on.

7 Responses

  1. As a Linux user and photographer, I highly recommend BibblePro. I’d be curious to know your thoughts if you’ve already tried it.


    [EDIT/Disclosure: Roger is the author of ND Grad, a plug-in for BibblePro that simulates a graduated neutral density filter.]

  2. Lightroom is cool, though it does have some quirks (I judge by 1.3.1).

    I use Rawstudio for editing sessions and UFRaw for actual processing. Since a while F-Spot features rating, but RAW processing is possible via “Develop in UFRaw” extension only.

    Some guy is working on a multi-image workflow app based on gqview and UFRaw right now. Will see what comes out.

    There is another interesting project whose name I dare not mention yet, with Lightroom-oriented workflow in mind, but very slow progressing.

  3. You could also try lightzone. They offer a free as in beer beta version for linux:

  4. I tried installing DPP on my Lenovo R61 running 64bit OpenSuSE 10.3. I actually had to dig up some old CD’s to get it running. I tried the 14.1 disc from my 40D, and 10.1 disc from my Rebel XT with no luck. They both used installshield with a simliar file structure that wasn’t happening. I popped in the 13.0 disc that came with my Rebel XTi and it worked (kinda)! The files were all in uppercase on the CD and they used a setup.exe file backed by the actual uncompressed/encapsulated cab files.

    Like you mentioned, the left screen is a little screwy, its unstable, but it does work kinda sorta. I tested out basic functionality and it all seems to work well enough. The stamp tool is gimped a little cause the ALT key doesn’t work to select the copy location. IDK… if you MUST run DPP I’d install vmware server/workstation, install XP on a VM, and use it that way. I’m not sure how performance will be over a native linux app…probably not good. Batch processing a few raw’s seemed to take much longer than my similarly spec’d out XP workstation I love the simplicity of DPP and haven’t been able to find something that just does what I need like it yet. I checked out the other apps listed here but I think they have too many bells and whistles to muck around with.

    Ya know, its just like cell phones today. Sometimes you just want a phone… not a phone with a camera, games, calendars, bluetooth, sms, web access, vpn, email, ssh, voice recognition, speaker phone, color screen, mp3 player, calculator…lol… gimmie JUST a damn phone so I can make a simple phone call.

  5. I’ve tried to update my DPP and it seems that there is a regression in Wine. Read about it, and vote for it to be fixed.

  6. I’ve tried to install DPP on Ubuntu 10.10 and I have been unsuccessful. I can’t get the program to launch. If I run the command from the desktop icon, in the terminal:

    philly@ubuntu:~$ env WINEPREFIX=”/home/philly/.wine” wine C:\\Program\ Files\\Canon\\Digital\ Photo\ Professional\\DPPViewer.exe

    I get the following error in the terminal.

    err:module:import_dll Library DPPDLL.dll (which is needed by L”C:\\Program Files\\Canon\\Digital Photo Professional\\DPPViewer.exe”) not found
    err:module:import_dll Library DPPDLL.dll (which is needed by L”C:\\Program Files\\Canon\\Digital Photo Professional\\DPPCF2.dll”) not found
    err:module:import_dll Library DPPCF2.dll (which is needed by L”C:\\Program Files\\Canon\\Digital Photo Professional\\DPPViewer.exe”) not found
    err:module:import_dll Library canonIHL.dll (which is needed by L”C:\\Program Files\\Canon\\Digital Photo Professional\\DPPViewer.exe”) not found
    err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L”C:\\Program Files\\Canon\\Digital Photo Professional\\DPPViewer.exe” failed, status c0000135

    I’ve tried reinstalling but the installer seems to fail. Not sure what to try now. Any ideas?

  7. Same issue as Philip on Ubuntu 14.04

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