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Google Summer of Code – Deadline Extension

If you’re a student and have not had time to apply for a Summer of Code internship with the hugin/panotools project, here are good news for you.

Because of the Easter holidays in large parts of the world and on popular request, Google has granted an extension deadline.  You can submit your application until Monday, April 7.

The procedure to join hugin/panotools is still mostly unchanged. You can apply before you submit a patch. The purpose of submitting a patch is to give the ultimate demonstration of the following skills/assets:

  1. to make sure you have a complete, functional tool chain (hardware and software) from day zero.
  2. to know that you have the basic skills to use that tool chain and build the code (basic building skills).
  3. to know that you can navigate the codebase, learn to understand it, make some small changes (basic coding skills).
  4. to assess your ability to interact with the community and integrate your code into an existing code base.
  5. to assess your code quality.

If you can provide examples of code you have written in the past on other projects, that’s enough to assess your code quality too. A patch is still preferred because it is more relevant to the current context, but we understand that time is short. This is not the time to over-achieve – a simple patch is more than enough!

have started to understand it and can
make some small initial changes.