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April Installer

After a hiatus from Windows in March, here is the latest hugin installer. Before heading to the download page, be aware that it still has bugs, some of them recently discovered. There are workarounds too:

For this bug, go into the images tab, select the images for which you need control points and click on the button to generate.

For this bug, just click inside the panorama preview to move the panorama slightly and then go back to the optimizer and click optimize.

Hugin is becoming better, now with a wide variety of control point generators!

7 Responses

  1. It can not open my photos (16 bit .png files)
    So, I can not open any of my panorama made in previous version. :((

  2. Oh! It full of bugs. “Exceptions” and “Preconditional violations” every minute of working with it. One-year-old version was much more stable.

  3. @anton – Can you upload any of these files that fail to open somewhere? I have no problem with 16bit PNG files here.

  4. @Anton: Thank you for reporting bugs in the bug tracker. I could repeat the problem with 16bit PNG saved from Photoshop on SVN3023 and filed this report. I’ll be building a more recent windows version soon.

  5. It seems that the problem is with libexiv2-0.16 that had issues reading metadata from PNG files. This did not happen with libexiv2-0.15 (hence the old version works). It has been corrected very recently in the libexiv2 repository. Hugin SVN3051 has a work-around that will work with or without metadata from PNG files.

    @Anton: out of curiosity, how come you use PNG and not the more widely supported TIFF format?

  6. My source photos are .jpg and .dng
    I used 8-bit-per-channel .png files to save processed photos because of: 0) Lossless 1) Their smallest file size 2) I have excellent library to save these files (I write image processing software).

    When 8 bit became not enough for me, I just switched to 16 bit .png files.

  7. PNG ftw!
    Seriously, PNG is an under appreciated open standard.
    I use it in image editing for a long time now.
    Converting to JPEG only as a final step.

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