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Nodal Ninja Sponsors Hugin/Panotools team that participates in the Google Summer of Code

Nodal Ninja in actionAlthough software advances have made it less critical than it used to be, proper alignment of the camera on the No-Parallax Point is still the single most important factor to succeed in the shooting of a stitched panorama. There are many solutions to keep the camera in the right orientation, commercial and home-made.

Most students who will contribute code to Hugin this year in the context of the Google Summer of Code don’t have such specialized pano gear. Isn’t this unfair? They give software away to the general public, and can’t use it to its fullest potential because of the lack of appropriate hardware?

Last year, Agnos stepped in and graciously offered an MrotatorU panoramic head to each successful student and his mentors. This year, the Nodal Ninja comes to the rescue! We are a vendor neutral-endeavor and we are proud to count another industry leader amongst our supporters. The animated image in this post shows a Nodal Ninja 3 MkII in action, courtesy of Bill Bailey, Director Global Sales and Marketing.

Bill is known as a contributor to the panorama community, even though he is now so absorbed by his duty to Nodal Ninja customers he hardly has time to shoot panoramas. Many photographers appreciate his practical approach. The camera settings publicly available from the Nodal Ninja website are useful also for owners of competing brands. Bill and his business partner Nick Fan, founder of Fanotec, have made efforts to coordinate and collaborate with the community on the settings data base.

In the short time we have been negotiating this deal, Bill surprised me positively a few times. I felt almost uncomfortable at so much generosity:

  • He added free EZ-Levelers to the already generous package;
  • He offered to donate a Nodal Ninja 3 MkII package also to those mentor registered with our organization who have no students assigned this year;
  • He showed a real understanding for Free Software and its synergy with hardware manufacturers. Hugin will soon be distributed with each new Nodal Ninja;
  • And the deal is not completely closed yet – Bill’s proverbial customer service is such, that he cares about his customers (and he makes us feel like customers, even though he is the one footing the bill) in every detail – he has offered T-adaptors for those who have cameras that need one.

With sponsorship from both Nodal Ninja and Google Hugin is set for another exciting summer.

2 Responses

  1. Great news, thanks for organising this. I also think that distributing hugin with products like nodal ninja is just the sort of thing that benefits everyone and ought to be encouraged.

  2. That’s great! Bill and Nick seem innovative, responsive, honest and competitive. Now if only Pentax or Nikon or Sigma would step up and sponsor with some gear…

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