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World Wide Panorama – Elevation

The latest World Wide Panorama event is online. Over 200 interpretations on the subject of Elevation, worldwide. I had an ambitious plan that was dependent on securing permission to publish pictures taken from private ground. Since I did not get the permission ahead of the shooting period, I went for an alternative plan.

I used qtpfsgui for some absolutely unrealistic tone mapping. Some will love it, some will hate it, it is purely subjective and I welcome all respectfully formulated opinions. Unfortunately the WWP site still lacks a feedback / comments facility. Post your comments here. Love it or hate it, I’d like to read from you.

Some photographers use an HDR/tonemapping workflow to achieve “realistic” images. I am not that breed of photographer. What is “realistic” anyway? When I want “realistic” images, enfuse is the tool I use.

An HDR workflow captures more dynamic range than what current display technology can show. The tonemapping process maps the captured dynamic range on the narrow dynamic range of the output device. There are dozens of tone mapping operators (TMOs), some more complex than others. Many of them can be parametrized. Together they give an almost infinite number of variation to choose from, and these can in turn can still be fine-tuned using curves, histogram, saturation and other traditional adjustments.

In the end what count is the visual effect that the photographer intends to achieve. To me, HDR/tonemapping is another, powerful tool in the toolbox that I use to draw with light.