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Photomatix 3.0 in Ubuntu

Photomatix is a proprietary HDR/tonemapping package with a slick user interface. It has only two tonemapping operators (Details Enhancer and Tone Compressor) and Exposure Blending, but it is worth trying if you are looking for “realistic” tonemappings. Another tool in the HDR/tonemapping toolbox, the more the merrier. And it has a tick-box that handles 360° pictures properly.

Until recently, it was only available to users with OSX or Windows. It works with recent versions of wine. It requires the .NET Framework. To use

The instructions are similar like for Photoshop:

  • If it is not on your ubuntu yet, get a recent version of Wine from the WineHQ APT repository. 1.0 worked for me. I had to downgrade from 1.1 because under 1.1 Photoshop stopped working.
  • Get winetricks, start them and tick the box to install the corefonts and dotnet 2.0.
$ wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks
$ chmod u+x winetricks
$ ./winetricks
  • Download Photomatix for Windows and run the setup application.
$ wine PhotomatixPro303.exe
  • The icon for Photomatix is in the Wine -> Programs menu.

Now my wish is for Photomatix to adopt a plug in architecture that will allow third parties to add tonemapping operators. In this respect, the best still is qtpfsgui with eight different operators and access to the full 64bit addressing space of my computer (Windows 32bit applications are still limited to less than 4GB RAM).

9 Responses

  1. I tried with Ubuntu 8.04/ Wine 1.0 and Photomatix 3.0.3. It seemed to install ok but when I run it I get:

    Failed to load resources from resource file
    Please check your setup

    I did all the winetricks stuff too :-(

  2. @Tim: I had that error too. Seem to be a problem with the .NET framework install. The solution was

    $ cd ~
    $ mv .wine .oldwine

    then do the winetrick thing and then install.

  3. It worked great. Thanks!

  4. Cheers, I was using the basic version of Photomatix until I came across this. I also had the same issue Eric had. Did as you said and Photomatix Pro 3.1.3 now runs perfectly. Top notch tutorial!

  5. I’m still getting the Failed to load resources error. Running wine 1.0 on ubuntu 804, did all the winetricks too.. Tried Yuval’s suggestion, but no luck :(

  6. I’m still getting the error too.
    Doas anybody have another idea to solve this? I really want to use my Photomatix on Linux too…

  7. Thank you for the installation steps, it works great ….

  8. qtpfsgui is better than Photomatix, i like it! Simply and rapid!

    Salut from Italy :)

  9. Thank you for these details!

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