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What is written on that chalk board?

click on the image to see.

In the civilized world, authors have rights. Their work is protected and they may choose how to make it available, to whom, and for what purpose. Copyright is very restrictive by default, and it is good so. Some authors feel they can give more rights to the audience. So they use Creative Commons or Open Source licenses, and it is good so.

I am making hugin binaries for Windows available for download, and I try to do so in compliance with the moral and legal right of upstream stakeholders. It’s an act of balance, the result of which is what you see in the download section on this site.

Part of that balance is that I state clearly and ask kindly not to deep-link the installer. I enforce this with a deep-link redirect, so deep-links are not functional anyway. Despite this, the statistics on the redirect page show that there are continuously some people who do not seem to bother. They don’t even test if their link work, they just publish deep-links to the installer, thinking that they are doing a favor to their friends. They don’t. Because if authors don’t feel respected, they don’t publish their work that the audience so much want to consume. And this is not good for anyone.

Please, respect author’s moral and legal rights. And if you want to post your own text on the chalk board, do it here.

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