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Atchum! Bless you! Summer is allergy season for many people, although for contributors to Open Source projects sometimes allergy season is an all year round thing – namely when people who are not contributing much to the community demand for things to happen. There is a fine line between asking nicely if something is possible and blatantly demanding without giving anything back. What about a Windows binary? try following these instructions and when you succeed give it back to the community.

I personally have other interests at the moment, both for my free time (now that the streak of a month of bad weather has apparently come to an end) and for the part of it that I dedicate to Hugin.

When taking this picture I did not notice that there was a second bug – click on the thumbnail to find out where it his.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Yuval,

    I am not the one that posted that unpolite comment, but I guess that (by his name, Pablo) he will be Spanish like me. While I don’t pretend to excuse him, I would like to say in his defence that his question might be a wrong literal translation of a common question in Spanish. This is, “What about a Windows binary?” might have been written by a Spanish guy that pretended to say something like “Will we have a Windows binary of this release?”, without any ironic intentions.

    BTW, same as him, I would love to have binaries for my Windows OS. Please consider that the setup required to make a single compilation is laborious if the software is not previously present. Thus, if the people in the development team could build the compilation for the rest of us, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,


  2. I agree with Enrique.
    Compiling isn’t for everyone, but still, a lot of people not able to compile can be good enough to test the code. Especially so when it’s a release candidate, which targets (and benefits from) a broader audience than an alpha. RCs are meant to test the software in production-like environments, with normal users.

    Of course Yuv, if you have better things to do, by all means dedicate yourself to those. However I’m sure that more than one people has already compiled Hugin for himself and can share the binary even if with some limitations.

    Please consider also this: if I don’t have to spend 2 hours to compile it (I’m being optimist) I have 2 more hours available for testing. Multiply this for, say, 1000 testers and you get the picture. Having someone knowledgeable build the binaries, from the beta stage on, just increases the testing efficiency.

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