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Sneak Preview

This video shows a sneak preview of Hugin’s newest feature – a fast panorama preview window.

It is the result of James Legg three months Google Summer of Code 2008 project, mentored by Pablo d’Angelo.

I’ve documented the changes necessary to the Hugin SDK to build with fast preview.

It requires a GPU works very well with the low end GPUs that have been integrated in chipsets for a few years now, including Intel’s GMA950 that is on my new Atom motherboard (not that I will use such a low powered CPU as a stitching engine).

My apology for the bad quality screencast. Edit: the quality of my first screencast has been improved with the help of other Google Summer of Code mentors from organizations that are professionals of encoding and playing video. I also moved from Google Video to Video which at this time is much better.

8 Responses

  1. Actually, it doesn’t require a GPU. It works fine with software rendering. :-)


  2. Audio didn’t quite work for me: you sounded like a monster from sci-fi movies :)

  3. nice! looks really cool!

  4. screencasts are a great way of showing stuff, i can’t wait until i get the openGL preview in hugin.
    a sidenote though, also concerning free and open formats: vimeo is known for being quite repressive with getting their videos off-site [1]. i use miro [2] for all things video-podcasts and wanted to add your feed there, so i don’t miss any upcoming videos from you. might i suggest using blip.tv [3] or something where i can grab the videos through rss?

    [1]: http://www.vimeo.com/forums/topic:3627
    [2]: http://www.getmiro.com/
    [3]: http://blip.tv/

  5. @Habi: thanks for the video pointers. Miro seems to be a neat thing. To be honest I don’t think I will be doing much video, and I am happy with Vimeo’s quality (or rather: about the fact that they don’t mess up with the quality of my encoding, something that all other sites I tried do) and privacy policy. I don’t understand the fuzz of the thread there – if you click on the Share button that appears in the interface it sends you the the video’s page on Vimeo and there is a download link there for offline viewing.

  6. Hey Yuv:

    Good news, and looks great! Kudos to James and Pablo.

    @prokoudine: I think Yuval just sounds like that. ;-)



  7. I have successfully previewed (and stitched!) a 175 pictures panorama in hugin-opengl:
    1 Gigapixel in Frankfurt
    It works very smoothly, even with that many pictures. Congratulations to James and all his mentors!

  8. I used Vimeo for this sneak preview because it was recommended with the best encoding at the time. In February 25, 2009 I got an opportunity to compare Vimeo vs. YouTube as one of my video was processed by YouTube when I entered a competition.

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