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TMO: Mantiuk

Mantiuk is the name given to the first tab from the right in the Tone Mapping Panel of QTpfsgui 1.9.2. Qtpfsgui gives access to a limited subset of Tone Mapping Operators (TMO) from pfstmo, a subproject of pfstools from the comfort of a graphic user interface. In this specific case to the mantiuk06 TMO, based on research by Rafal Mantiuk, Karol Myszkowski and Hans-Peter Seidel.

First thing to do when trying a new TMO is to check out the result with default parameters:

Then play with one parameter at a time to get a feel for them. Try first changing the pre tone mapping gamma adjustment. Below is the result with a pre tonemapping gamma adjustment of 0.500:

Back to default values, it is time to play with the algorithm’s own parameters. Send the Contrast Factor slider all to the right and apply. Then send it all to the left and appy. The resulting images are not ready for consumption, but they give you a feel for the slider’s action.

An interesting one is the Contrast Equalization checkbox. The parameters for the result above, with Contrast Equalization checked, yield a visually more interesting sky:

Next is the Saturation Factor slider. Again, try it at extreme positions, but remember that high saturation is one of the pitfalls of tonemapping. I actually liked the result above.

Mantiuk06 is a great algorithm also when used straight on RAW images out of the camera – assuming they have been properly exposed.

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