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World Wide Panorama – Color

The latest World Wide Panorama event is online. Over 200 interpretations on the subject of Color, worldwide.

The organizers had to cope with some change lately and more change will come as they set up a foundation to continue the endeavor after professor G. Don Bain’s retirement from Berkeley.

My entry is a plain simple family panorama, colorfully processed in qtpfsgui. I’ll expand on the process in coming articles on this blog. Click on the image below to interact with it full screen. Unfortunately the WWP site still lacks a feedback / comments facility. Post your comments here. Love it or hate it, I’d like to read from you.

The entry can also be seen in its intended context. on the World Wide Panorama site. You’ll find that the panorama in the entry is smaller than most. Here is why.

At the time of writing the World Wide Panorama makes provisions for two sizes. The limits have been gracefully expanded lately to accommodate for the technological evolution – at least for part of it. Both formats are still geared at desktop and laptop PCs, with ever growing display resolution and bandwidth. The allowance for full-screen panoramas has been gracefully increased to 5MB, while the one for what the WWP site calls “standard size” has been increased to up to 1MB.

Technically, 1MB is a little bit tight for my process. It isOK for my “standard size” panoramas from traditional images. But tone mapped panoramas from stacked images have more detail and compress less – my file was 1.3MB and did not pass the upload limit.

Moreover, many tone mapping operators (TMO) including the one used for this entry produce different results at different output size. Scaling the results using conventional scaling algorithms does not do justice to them. Producing the required size would have meant manual work for which I don’t have much time at the moment.

I might consider adding an intermediate size in my process later on. The trade-off is more computing and storage needs. I am not sure about my interest in supporting such an intermediate format, though. I am a fervent believer that interactive panoramas are best viewed full screen. I’ll do less than full screen if a customer asks for, but when I am exhibiting my artwork, I want it full screen.

5MB is a good size for full screen panoramas to be displayed on current high resolution computer displays and FullHD TV (1920 horizontal pixels).

1MB is too small for that and too big for the mobile web where display size is more typically 640px and less, and where bandwidth is still at a premium, making 1MB too much.

Since the WWP entry requires a “standard size” VR with less than 1MB (recommended 700Kb) weight, I’ve used my cellphone size to complete the entry.

One Response

  1. Hello Yuval Levy,

    Wow! very nice pano and I am just eager to read the work flow in making the pano.
    And I should accept that I have been dragged in to this wonderful world of vr photograhy about six months back by this very blog allowing me to download the Hugin and since then no turning back and I have become a pro vr artist and also educator of this art. I am also a regular reader of this blog and thank you very much for writing very informative articles.

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