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Hugin 0.7.0 released!

Hugin 0.7.0 has been finally released! This brings to an end a long development cycle of two years. Hopefully the next one wont be that long. The download page of this site has been updated.

There may still be bug fixes in the 0.7 series. As far as I am concerned, the little spare time I have will be devoted to the next 0.8 series whose goal is to integrate the Google Summer of Code 2008 projects. News will follow here in due time.

9 Responses

  1. CHEER! Good job.

  2. There may still be bug fixes

  3. Windows!

  4. Has Match-n-Shift made its way to into the OSX bundle yet? I’d like to give it a try, but can’t figure out how to locate/enable it.

  5. Looking forward to trying this once the windows precompiled version is available.

  6. there is windows installer for Hugin 0.7.0?

  7. @Alan: Thanks!

    @John: Bugs are inevitable in complex software like hugin. There will sure be bug fixes and improvements, but the 0.7.0 as released is stable and useful.

    @Branden: I have no OSX and am only marginally aware of what is making it into the OSX bundle. I know Ippei has been working on a plug-in architecture for control point generators. I don’t know if Match-n-Shift is included. Your question is probably best placed on the hugin-ptx mailing list.

  8. Thanks Yuval. I’ll take the question there.

  9. Thanks to everybody involved in creating version 0.7.0 — it is absolutely awesome! I’ve been using the beta4 for a year and was quite happy, and tested the new windows compile this week. It delivers very high quality out of the box, I created even multi-exposure panoramas with 3 clicks with amzing results! You guys are magic!

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