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Hugin Usage: Poll

WordPress.com has this new feature, polls, and I was eager to try it out. So here is a poll.

The poll functionality is nice. Basic integration into WordPress is flawless, but will take the whole colum width. Wrapping the poll tag in a styled div tag, with style float:left;padding:3px, makes the visual integration more pleasant, as in this post.

I’ll let the poll run for a few weeks. I am eager to see what happens when a poll close. I might as well start a new poll for that, because the question in this poll is kind of an open ended one.

3 Responses

  1. As far as I’m concerned, hugin is one of the best kept secrets in the photography world. It’s great, I love it. Click, click, wait, flawless panorama. Instant magic.

  2. Just some comments to my answer (monthly):

    I used to use Hugin a lot more, before my p&s broke and I got myself a DSLR with a wide angle lens. (I used to use Hugin for making simulated wide-angle rectilinear shots.)

    As soon as I figure out the HDR blending in the latest version, I might get back to using Hugin more often. (Weekly / daily.)

  3. I have been taking panoramic photos before computers were around to stitch them together. I’d use very carefully taken photos and the old clear scotch tape and 4×6’s. As technology has developed over the years, now I’m using Hugin almost every day! I’ve been able to take everything from my old pano negatives from the 70’s to photos I’ve taken with my 12MP digital camera and make them into flawless, seamless, wide angle perfect panoramic posters. Absolutely fantastic!

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