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The Most Beautiful Smile In The World

You will forgive me if I state so bluntly that to me this is the most beautiful smile in the world. It was worth it to spend some money on a really good camcorder.

Unfortunately, support of the AVCHD movie file format is still mostly lacking in Linux. For simple playback, none of the usual media players available in Ubuntu seems to work at the time of writing. For editing, there are workarounds, but I end up fiddling too long with conversions and not enough with the actual editing. Video editing is a time intensive task. You want the most comfortable, intuitive, easy and fast to use software. Real time editing must be fluid when cutting and fading. Rendering of the final movie can happen overnight, so speed is not critical there.

I did not like the software that came with the camcorder. I’ve tried a few budget products and the most usable one I found was from SONY. Quite hard to swallow given my intense allergy to the brand and its proprietary shenanigans. But in the end, pragmatism wins, especially when time flies and the parents overseas want to see the offspring growing.

2 Responses

  1. TEH cute!

    btw: did yout take a look at http://ubuntustudio.org/? i’ve never tried it, but they seem to cover most needs… or is AVCHD such a nasty format that it won’t work with any Linux-flavour? Or you could give the – also non-free – iMovie08 a spin, but only if an apple-flavoured computer is available ;)

  2. Yuv, I really can’t stop looking at Zwi’s smile!
    A smile like that can make parents drunk without drinking, I guess…

    I love his eye movements as well because they remind me to my daughters when they were very little…


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