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Vedutismo – Practical Application


equirectangular 360°

The above is an equirectangular projection of a full spherical panorama. You can view it from the inside here.

In the past few days, libpano has seen the addition of four new projections. I added them to hugin’s experimental version in the subversion repository.

Panini 180°

Panini 180°

Panini is credited to Bruno Postle and Thomas K. Sharpless. It was added to libpano13 by Daniel M. German, and it is probably the most interesting of the new projections. It replicates the perspective of vedute, stunning detailed large painting with a very broad field of view.

Architectural 360°

Architectural 360°

Architectural is an idea of Daniel M. German. A hybrid mix of Miller (which is almost conformal) on the top half and Lambert Equal Area on the bottom half. It presumes the space around you (in the bottom half of the pano) is less important than the space above the horizon, uses a smaller surface than the Equirectangular while giving more space to the top half.

Oprtographic 180°

Orthographic 180°

Jim Watters committed the last two, which are fisheye-like variations – the orthographic and equisolid projections.

Equisolid 180°

Equisolid 180°

5 Responses

  1. Something’s wrong here, this is your panorama in panini projection (let me know if you want me to take this down):

    yuv bellinzona panini

    All the radial lines are straight and converge on the vanishing point.

    Hppy new year hic.

  2. It gives me an idea that future versions of Hugin will have at least four new projections as said above.

    # Pannini
    # Orthographic
    # Equisolid
    But , I would like to know where these projections are more suited ( I mean useful ), Also are they meant for printing or to see in an interactive application like
    DevalVR and what are the main distinguishing features of each projection ?
    Sorry for the dumb questions, as I have no clues about these projections.

    Happy new year !

  3. @KVS Setty: There is no such thing as a dumb question. And I’ll try not to give dumb answers.

    The description of the projection’s characteristics and the application they are more suited for is material enough for a complete blog article, maybe even more. Currently my (little) free time goes to understanding the complete chain from mathematical formula to added projection.

    As far as implementation in interactive web based viewer, it is a question for the developers of those viewers. To my knowledge, Krpano is the Flash viewer that is most flexible in terms of quantity of projections available. And it is a choice for the artist who publish his panoramas – the choice of projection is a subjective, aesthetic choice and it is the prerogative of the artist to shape the artwork.

  4. Thank you very much for the reply and it is no way dumb answers , it has given some more inspiration to dig deeper in to the subject of projections particularly related to panographers.

    Thanks again

  5. These are very cool new projections indeed. Not to be too nerdy, but is there a consensus on the spelling of the painter’s name? I’ve seen it Pannini and Panini…although Google has more hits on the former.

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