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triplane_previewThere is a jewel in Hugin’s patch tracker. It was already 1:45 AM, Sunday Monday. Wife and baby were long asleep. I was tinkering around on my PC, preparing the week. Ready to hit the pillow, I look a last time at the incoming emails and I see this interesting post form the patch tracker. Multi-pane panorama.

It adds two composite projections: two or three panes, each rectilinear, with the parameter alpha determining the cut angle. My codebase is anyway messed up, so I give it a try. Windows is so slow at building Hugin, but by 3:30 AM the build is ready. Not perfect, but good enough to use and play with these new projections, as shown in the screenshot above.

The patches were contributed anonymously. I wish the user who contributed them would have left his name – he deserves credit for this nice job.

Also you can see the new icons that Bruno Postle added recently to the repository. The panorama above is 260° horizontally and 90° vertically, and the parameter alpha is the angle between the panes – so you are looking at three panes, like three sides of an hexagon.

And for me, the night will be short…