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triplane_previewThere is a jewel in Hugin’s patch tracker. It was already 1:45 AM, Sunday Monday. Wife and baby were long asleep. I was tinkering around on my PC, preparing the week. Ready to hit the pillow, I look a last time at the incoming emails and I see this interesting post form the patch tracker. Multi-pane panorama.

It adds two composite projections: two or three panes, each rectilinear, with the parameter alpha determining the cut angle. My codebase is anyway messed up, so I give it a try. Windows is so slow at building Hugin, but by 3:30 AM the build is ready. Not perfect, but good enough to use and play with these new projections, as shown in the screenshot above.

The patches were contributed anonymously. I wish the user who contributed them would have left his name – he deserves credit for this nice job.

Also you can see the new icons that Bruno Postle added recently to the repository. The panorama above is 260° horizontally and 90° vertically, and the parameter alpha is the angle between the panes – so you are looking at three panes, like three sides of an hexagon.

And for me, the night will be short…

One Response

  1. Looks great and really useful.

    The preview icons are ok too – Though I’m kind of stuck with what to do about the main window icons :-(

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