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Application Deadline

d11606_starcroppedSunday was application deadline.

I first came across this opportunity in the news on the web in late December. It briefly caught my attention as a clever marketing idea but I did not think of it any further. In the following weeks it kept coming up in the media of different countries I follow. At some point I became curious and searched the website.

I mentioned it to my wife as a curiosity and was surprised when she seri0ously asked me if I intend to apply. The timing is almost perfect for us. Her PhD is nearly completed, the current phase of our life is coming to an end and we intended to travel before moving on and settling into the next phase. Then it slipped to the back of my mind.

Saturday I woke up with an itch. Surprisingly, something from the back of my mind told me that the application deadline was near. In the evening I uploaded my application. With over 34.000 applicants the probability is very slim, but producing the video was fun and rewarding in itself. Once again, I used Creative Common licensed music. In this case, from Zeropage, a Swiss duo producing excellent electronic music (did I ever mention that I am a Pet Shop Boys fan since dancing to West End Girls as a teenager?). And it was an opportunity to dig into my terabytes of photos and videos. I even recycled a short sequence from our sea side wedding.

Next, we’ll see what come. In the meantime, I shamelessly invite you to watch my  60 seconds video and rate it. Comments are welcome here. I might kindly ask you to vote for me later on too, and I promise you that if I get the job, I’ll do my best to produce the most immersive reports using the latest VR technologies available.

4 Responses

  1. Love the contrast of hiking in freezing weather vs. under tropical waters. Also the adventurousness is great.

  2. Well, that is a very uninspiring video. I don’t see any reason they would want to pick you for the job.

  3. Does this mean you want to move to Australia and become a scuba bum? Are you aware that Australia is the only country in the world to have had two prime ministers eaten by sharks?? Get a grip, the weather in Montreal will be nice soon. :)

  4. @Tom: nothing wrong with the weather up here :) The outdoor activities are just different. I love skiing in the snow as much as I love scuba diving in tropical waters.

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