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Bliss… and a lot of work coming up

MascotteGoing from boots on snow to barefoot on the beach in less than six hours is bliss. Logging into the hotel’s wireless network and finding out that Hugin/Panotools is on the list of accepted Google Summer of Code mentoring organizations, priceless! Best of them all: my son enjoyed his first flight ever and is charming his grandparents who made the other half of the trip, over the Atlantic.

Thank you, Google Open Source Program Office, for accepting us into the program once again. You have been a source of fuel and motivation for us and you are helping us grow a strong and active developers community!

Next week I will post more detailed information as the activity for the next few weeks is shaping up.

  1. Recruiting students. If you are a student interested to work on 3D vision and make a little money this summer, we want you! And if you know students, please tell them. This year the Hugin/Panotools GSoC mentoring team has grown with the addition of Sébastien Roy and his 3D Vision Lab at Université de Montréal. They have a lot of interesting research projects going on there, so if you would like to use half a dozen projectors to create a really immersive display, or use the Nintendo Wiimote to control panoramas or other objects in 3D space, stay tuned for more information. Nicolas Robidoux of Laurentian University in Sudbury is offering students access to infrastructure there. Combine travel and coding in this beautiful part of Canada. Last but not least, join us at Libre Graphics Meeting.
  2. Complete the infrastructure for an exhibition of Ultra Wide Views at LGM. The transactional part of the site is currently not active yet, I hope to get it done next week.

First things first. It’s family time until the weekend.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Yuval,

    I’ve made a post on my blog, maybe a french student will see it … !



  2. Congrats Yuv and all.

    RE: Big Nickel GSoC boot camp.

    Let’s all code together! Let me know if you need a ride from Montreal, Ottawa or TO. I got some pizza money from the dept, so you’ll be fed at least once a week!

    Here’s the “official” blurb.


    Students completing their GSoC in Canada may consider visiting the
    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the bilingual
    Laurentian University for all or part of the Summer. DR Nicolas
    Robidoux (nrobidoux@cs.laurentian.ca) will provide internet and
    computer access and will help with arranging suitable temporary
    housing. (Note that students are expected to pay for their own travel
    and living expenses.) Sudbury, with its lakes and forests, is very
    pleasant in the Summer, and it is hoped that physical proximity to
    other GSoC participants will help make it more productive and

    Nicolas Robidoux
    Universite Laurentienne
    Laurentian University


  3. That is one cute Google Zwi.
    Have fun in Florrriiiida.

  4. Hi;
    I am BS student in EE and I am working on computer vision related projects. This year I am planning to apply GSOC. What do you suggest me, what should I do. In addition to these my research focus is 3D vision. I am planning to pursue a academic career about Multi-View Geometry and Information Extraction from 3D images.

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