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Bad Luck Good Experience

Friday was meant to be a day-trip to Montréal to meet Sébastien Roy and discuss Lighttwist related Google Summer of Code projects. Things turned out differently. The meeting was scheduled for 14:00. We arrived well ahead of time. Nicole dropped me off and was to go shopping with Zwi. I walk toward the university and I hear her screaming at me: the car’s engine does not start! We call roadside assistance. They dispatch a towing service. After an hour a friendly guy shows up and says it’s the battery. He gives it a boost, the engine starts. It’s the battery, he says. I’m not convinced: the car had just been on a long highway drive. Instead of following his advice and driving around to charge the battery, I drive to the Acura dealership that our roadside assistance scheduled us to be towed to.

After sales service at Luciani Acura close at 14:30 on Fridays. But the guys were so incredibly nice and found time for us. While Marko dealt with the administrative work and came up with a complete solution for us, Nic got our car in, plugged the meter and found out that it was the alternator. Can’t be fixed on the spot, but no worries. Tarek from nearby Enterprise Rent-A-Car helped us transfer the baby-seat to the rental car and do the rental paperwork. In almost no time we were back on the road.

It is amazing how these people, for whom we were complete strangers from out-of-town, went the extra mile to help us and get back on track. Almost at the same time, my friend Victor sent me the link to the movie ebedded below. Coincidence?

Back on track, Sébastien and his students Vincent Chapdelaine-Couture and Louis Bouchard were kind enough to wait for me. We had our meeting at 16:00. It was fun and productive and hopefully it will bear fruits.

Monday I’m in Montréal again, to pick up the repaired car. Luciani Acura and Enterprise Rent-A-Car – highly reccomended!

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