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LGM Day 2

Bad news first: technical issues with two Matrox splitters hindered the deployment of the second LightTwist projection – a long flat display composite of four FullHD projectors. The experiment’s goal is to make this possible with a single computer, rather than with the traditional one computer per projector setup. And another bad news: my attempts at prolonging the Ultra Wide Views exhibit after the end of Libre Graphics Meeting have failed. The exhibit will close on Saturday.

Still, the day was intense and interesting. I exchanged ideas with the GIMP developers on how to help Photoshop addicts like myself make the transition. We had fun inside the cyclorama with anaglyphic panoramas. Over lunch we bumped a couple of creative ideas with Jon Phillips. And we had an excellent team dinner with Lucie of the Vision3D lab who then showed us the place to go in Montréal for progressive multi-disciplinary art . Tomorrow will be a better day.

One Response

  1. sounds like a fine day to me, it’s amazing how much heart-blood (?) you’ve put into this, it’s great work you’re doing!

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