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Metadata Shmetadata

So I got back from LGM and inserted my media card into the reader of my workstation that has been freshly updated to Ubuntu 9.04:


Then I open the file browser:

media_in_file_browser_468Allocating a .cache folder is different from “do nothing”? A little bit of search on the web and I bump into the “Gnome Metadata Storage Daemon“. And in Xesam.org, the Tracker Daemon and other stuff running on my Ubuntu system. Is there a simple way to disable them all?

These things surely help people who need help organizing their desktops, their file systems, their emails. Not me. I have my tried and tested filing system, now spanning over two terabytes of data, and I have never felt the need for any kind of desktop search. I know where my files are: On the server, in the cloud. On the other hand, I’m always running short of storage space (the 2TB disks are still too expensive but I’m likely to bite the bullet next month when I get home with plenty of media to store and process).

I understand why these daemons are on by default, and they should be. All I ask is for a simple way to disable all of these “helpers”. A Control Panel. No fiddling. No surprises at every update. All I found were the Desktop Application Autostart Specifications and this advice to add Hidden=true to the end of the relevant *.desktop file in /etc/xdg/autostart and ~/.config/autostart.

Further digging brought me to  ~/.config/tracker/tracker.cfg which seems to be set by default to eat what resources are available. The default options I would set in there are:


Actually for myself I’d go further than that:


And I am still not sure if I deactivated all of this stuff…

2 Responses

  1. Check session options in GNOME (System -> Preferences -> Session or something like that). You can enable/disable whatever you like.

  2. @prokoudine: found System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications, but I still can’t figure out if just disabling Tracker and Tracker-Applet will also disable the “metadata storage daemon”.

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