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Mid Life Crisis

For a few months one of my favorite lines that makes my friends laugh is that when I change my son’s diapers I am thinking of what he will do when he’ll have my age. He may be changing my diapers! Behind most funny lines there is some truth.

Yesterday we went to an open air concert. There were some families and some gray hairs. The vast majority of the concert goers were 18-35. Generation X, or however marketers calls them. I felt that I did not belong in the +/-σ of the age distribution.

I feel like a prisoner in a box that we barely understand – a mix of biochemical reactions, a complex equilibrium with an unknown expiration date. Or maybe I am the box?

I feed my box with what is understood to be the fuel it needs: a mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, somewhat randomly assembled and following the taste of the day. Do I really know what I am doing? Whatever. After the concert I felt hungry even if it was well past midnight. We found an open place and I got a juicy hamburger. For a moment it felt again like I was in the 18-35 range.

Today I was tired.

3 Responses

  1. Holy shit. Man, your are my man. You know it. The craving comes from anticipation. It burns sugar. It’s live on alert. Nothing wrong with it.
    The video is great.
    The cat is amazing me. I never thought of cats that considerate. The cat jumped right over and across Zwi. Just not to be confronted with him. Puts an entire new light on cats for me…..seriously. Loved it.

  2. @VRdundee: Thanks, Milko! May I introduce you to Josephine? She has been part of the family for four years now and she is very reserved and delicate. She could not resist her own curiosity and jumped into Zwi’s travel crib (highly recommended – much better than any other playard and useful both at home and on travel). I could not resist and added Zwi to the mix. He loves our cats. They adopted him when he arrived. He does not cry often but when he does they both come to him. Josephine often watches over him when he’s asleep. Cats are very smart. Once the basic needs for food and shelter are covered it only takes a little bit of love to socialize them.

  3. @Yuval: I am truly amazed about Josephine. As I have said I had no idea about the level of intelligence of cats. I always thought of them as irrational. You know, like men are from Mars and women are from Venus kind of irrational? Some things just can’t be explained. But in this video I can see the cat worries about Zwi and its capability to just swipe him because of the still infancy kind of movements towards her. She chooses to get out of his reach. Amazing. Such a great footage.
    Be well, Milko

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