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Hugin 0.8.0 released!

hugin-logoBruno Postle released Hugin 0.8.0. This is the best Hugin ever and despite the 0 as major version number a very mature and usable piece of software. The highlights:

  • Fast Preview – James Legg’s 2008 Google Summer of Code project that makes the user interface much more responsive
  • Celeste – Tim Nugent’s 2008 Google Summer of Code project that prunes control points from clouds with more than 80% success rate and make stitching more precise
  • PTBatcher – Marko Kuder’s 2008 Google Summer of Code project that enable the batch processing of panorama project
  • Many new projections
  • A lot of small improvements and bugfixes.

A big thank you to everybody who contributed!

6 Responses

  1. That’s great! I was waiting for it.
    Do you know, when windows installer will be available?
    I have some problems with hugin 0.8 rc installed on windows. Hugin cannot find autopano tool for stitching.

  2. Do you know, when windows installer will be available?

  3. Hi, some time has passed now, but it seems like no Windows installer is yet available. Do plans to release one exist?

  4. @Mike, XTechnik, John: Short answer: a Windows installer will be available when it will be ready. Your comments don’t make the process any faster.

    Long answer: The 0.8.0 released by the Hugin developers is just a tarball. This means: it is the code to build the software. And it’s just Hugin. There are more components to an installer than Hugin.

    Everything is documented in the Wiki. If you urgently want it, all you have to do is follow the instruction and build it yourself.

    Seriously: once a tarball is released it is up to the users community to prepare binaries for their favorite systems. It is a user driven effort. For example it’s the Ubuntu community that builds the binary distributed with that specific Linux distribution. And you may not know that there is no official 0.8.0 for the current Ubuntu distribution, and even in the upcoming 8.10 they seem to plan to still ship 0.7.0).

    Also specific to Windows: the nature of package (mis)management makes the building of a binary distribution for Windows more complex and critically vulnerable.

    In all Linux distributions, a package manager knows and takes care of dependencies. Hugin depends on Enblend, so if I tell the package manager that I want Hugin, it will make sure that Enblend is on the system. But they are packaged and released separately. And if there is an upgrade to either, it will prompt me for permission to download and install the upgrade, and make sure they’re compatible.

    Not so in Windows, where every installer is blind and dumb. We can’t release the packages separately, it is a bundle. If we were to ship 0.8.0 with the same functionality that it ships and works in Linux, in Windows it would simply not work because it would lack the dependencies. The libraries, the control point generator, enblend-enfuse.

    There are presently some major issues with upstream dependencies. Some have been fixed. Others are work in progress. The tarball is not directly affected, nor are Linux binary packages. But the Windows installer is. The current state of 0.8.0 in Windows is that it is a defect. It has memory leaks that crash it when identifying control points or when blending panoramas. 0.7.0 for Windows is more robust. It does not make sense to distribute non-functional software. An official installer will only be sanctioend when it is truly superior to the current official 0.7.0 installer.

    If you feel the need for an installer, step up and contribute. Your two other alternatives are to use one of the published unstable alphas/betas/release candidates or to wait patiently.

    But please stop repeating the wish for an installer on this blog. It won’t make it happen any faster.

  5. I would just like to say thanks for this great piece of kit you guys are producing. Thanks to the whole Hugin 0.8.0 team.

  6. @Morgan: Thank you! A refreshing comment. I’ll past your thanks to my team mates. We already added new features since 0.8.0 and a new release cycle is about to being.

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