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Hugin’s Homepage Refresher

tonemapped, Fattal defaultNow that the new release is out, we need to refresh the Hugin website. It starts with Gerry Patterson mentioning that the release notes are still linked to the old release. Bart van Andel proposes a beautiful visual revamp and Bruno Postle mentions what should not change: the rotating banner showcasing Hugin artwork.

This is your chance to contribute! Have your panorama displayed as a banner. The conditions:

  • 165 pixel high
  • tile horizontally
  • be done with Hugin

Store them as PNG and upload.

Legalese: You give a perpetual, royalty-free license to display your work on the Hugin website. Currently there are no author credits (but it would be good to change this as part of the site’s redesign). The Hugin team reserves the right to refuse submission without giving any reason. By uploading an image that fits the above criteria to the location linked above you agree to these conditions.

8 Responses

  1. So we should give away our artwork with no credit to ourselves? Sheesh, what rubbish.

  2. @Phil Thompson. You shouldn’t. No one told you that. Your imagination is playing dirty tricks with you.

  3. @prokoudine: imagination? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqLatol52rA that guy does not seem to have.

  4. One posted – hugin_dijon_escalier, which is a panorama from above the stairs made by one of my ancestors (Gabriel) ;)

  5. Uploaded one. I think I can spare a 165 pixel high version without getting high-and-mighty about credit, especially given the huge amount of value I get out of hugin.

  6. What’s about putting the credit into a tooltip?

  7. Thanks to everybody for their contributions.

    @thah: Bart is thinking of the redesign and I am sure he will find a solution to give proper credit where credit is due.

    Without justifying the current situation: The design has grown historically from a time when the same few people were making Hugin, the website, and the pictures. No intention to withhold credit. The opposite is true: our users use Hugin to create wonderful works and we are committed to publicize them.

  8. Thanks to everybody who contributed. Bruno just updated the current website, your artwork is up!

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