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Hugin-2009.2.0_beta 4 Released

hugin-logoI just released Hugin-2009.2.0_beta4. This is likely to be the last beta in the current cycle. A release candidate is likely to follow soon.

In case you’re wondering about the version number: we’ve decided that a 0.x version number does not reflect well the status of Hugin. A 0.x version number is associated with new/untested/unfinished prototypes. Hugin has long passed that stage. It is very stable and finished enough to be recommended for the general public. It is evolving rapidly, though. So instead of dealing with the major/minor version uptick, we decided that the major version is the release year and the minor version is a sequence number, with odd numbers representing development versions and even numbers representing releases. Since this is the second release in 2009 (after 0.8.0), it is called 2009.2.0.

The highlights:

  • GPU accelerated stitching. Highly experimental. Activate from Files -> Preferences -> Stitching. Depends on a combination of hardware, driver, input images and other factors. Details will be posted in the Hugin FAQ.
  • Improved Preferences panel (Control Point Detectors), with user friendly presets for the most popular choices.
  • Improved control of stitching process (Stitcher tab). Hugin now features an additional Exposure fusion -> Blended and fused panorama output option, useful when it is not possible to keep exposure and white balance constant between shots.
  • Fast Preview shows control points connected with lines – the longest the line the worse the quality (except for vertical and horizontal control lines).
  • Streamlined support for libpano. Libpano13 is now required. Discontinued support for legacy libpano12.
  • Improved build system / support for different platforms.
  • Lots of bugfixes.

I hope we can get the final 2009.2.0 out before the end of the month so that we can continue focus on the next release, which will include the new feature that has been merged into trunk: a lens calibration tool, Google Summer of Code project by Tim Nugent, mentored by Tom Sharpless.