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Browse Network Drives

One issue that affects Hugin (and many other software packages using the native GTK+ GtkFileChooser) is that when browsing for files it does not see network mounts. There are a few ugly workaround there such as mounting them with Gvfs. Does anybody know a more elegant workaround? of course my preferred would be to simply type smb://… in the File Chooser; and for the FileChooser to show the exact same places and drives as Nautilus. Maybe it is possible and I just don’t know how to do it on my Ubuntu 9.04 box? Help welcome.

One Response

  1. Don’t you need to use gio for that? I’m pretty sure you do. I don’t think you have to depend on Gnome as a whole for that … except perhaps for the gio-aware file chooser.

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