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My Personal Bug Tracker

bugAn excerpt from the top list of my personal bug tracker. It has not changed for ages.

  1. “The day has only 24 hours” Status: “won’t fix”.
  2. “Discern and accept as a given what I can not influence from what I can influence” Status: “spuriously recurrent. watch out for relapses”.
  3. “Prioritize what I can influence based on its impact. Focus on the few strategically important things and forget the rest”. Status: “my focus tends to stray away when left alone. Watch out for relapses”.

Connection to the office server dropped 48 hours ago. The VoIP infrastructure still works, but plenty of things that were on my todo list will have to wait until Monday/Tuesday; and I don’t know what surprises awaits me when I’m back. But I don’t care. We’re here in Québec-City to baby-sit for friends who are presently at the hospital delivering their second baby. As long as I can keep up the daily 15 minutes music sessions with my one year old toddler, the rest is detail. My only regret is that the camcorder has been in repair for one month. He has started to imitate sequences and is getting more articulate on piano and guitar from day to day. And he never had to read a user manual. We should strive to achieve the same kind of usability with our software. He has a toddler’s keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is great. The mouse is useless (have you ever tried to fight for a toddler’s attention against a colorful, flashing, disco-like light?). And the software? well, most of it leaves a lot to be desired. Most children-software I have come across, Free and non-Free, claims to develop skills, but then exposes the toddlers to so much distraction, which at this age can be detrimental. Not only at this age. I’m digressing. Bug #3. Time to play wooden blocks with him. I’ll articulate my wishes for toddler’s educational software when I’ll solve bug #1.

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