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Why I Have Not Used Twitter so Far (and Why Maybe You Should)


  1. Why use Twitter? identi.ca is Open Source (and no, I haven’t used it either).
  2. Wearing two socks of different colors is embarrassing enough without telling about it to the whole world.
  3. It used to be “verba volant scripta manent“. Is it again?
  4. 140 characters? too little for most articulate thoughts with proper grammar.
  5. I don’t need uninvited commercial interest to know who influences my thoughts and who is influenced by it. I love my privacy.
  6. Conversation? I prefer uninterrupted face to face!
  7. Shortened URLs? Where exactly are they landing?

You may want to use Twitter if you:

  1. Want to show the kids born after the fall of the wall that you can be cool too.
  2. Think you deserve the same following as <put your favorite starlet name here>.
  3. Want to learn to be concise.
  4. Are a multi-tasker that want people to notice that during a conversation they get your undivided attention… not!
  5. Care to read what others say about your brand, your products, your services. Twitter is a one-way outlet for (links to) your press releases… not!
  6. Don’t mind others eavesdropping on your current conversations in a few years.
  7. Want to show that you were “in” in 2007.

2 Responses

  1. I started using Twitter earlier this year after I found out that my professional (Flash and Flex) colleagues all over the world were keeping in touch that way. I have learned a lot from them, had illuminating discussions (yes, even if they had to span more than one 140-char tweet sometimes), heard about new advances, gotten to know some people better, and made myself known to technical leaders in my field. Also I got my job through Twitter.

    What’s new in panospace this week?

  2. @Alan: Happy that Twitter works for you. News in the space that interest me ( see definition of panospace https://panospace.wordpress.com/about/ ) was scarce due to high load. The SONY Alpha 850 will get some more attention now.

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