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Been at our new place for over a month now.  Part one of my plan to get back in shape is going well: I’m in the pool at least three times a week (not counting the swimming lessons for junior).  I’ve also had the chance to pick up tennis again with new friends.  But tennis is not good for me: it stresses the muscles that are already strained by too much mouse / trackball / camera usage.  Part two: biking.  Plenty of bike paths and biking opportunities in and around London. We’ll take advantage of them to explore the area, at least in the summer.  Our last bike were lost a few winters ago, submerged by snow and plowed away.  We’ll try to take better care of the new ones.

After a short but comprehensive research, we bought our bikes at Sport Chek Hyland  in the Masonville shopping area of London North.  They had exactly what we needed: good value for money.  George, the sales associate, understood our needs immediately and gave us the right advice.  Nowhere else did we find light and comfortable bikes at this low price.  Costco? Steel frame.  Wal Mart?  Bad quality.  Canadian Tire?  Good quality, but more expensive, even if this week they had a 33% discount on selected models.  What’s more: service at Sport Check Hyland was excellent as well.  Competitive prices and good quality, what else could I want more?

We came home late but I had to take a picture.  The RAW image was processed with Luminance HDR.  I’ll have to wait almost four weeks until I can use my bike:  next week I go back to Quebec to finish unfinished business.  I use the opportunity to take junior on a summer trip.  This is his summer with daddy.  The bike and the trailer will wait for us.

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