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This morning I shot a rainbow.  I always shoot RAW+JPEG, though mostly I only use the JPEG.  I was curious to see what RAW post-processing would add to the image.  This was done with LuminanceHDR 2.0.0 using the Fattal tonemapping operator.

2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    do you really like that overprocessed look (with that much noise) or do you just accept it as an artifact of fattal on the way to a better value distribution and more local contrast?
    greets mike

  2. @mike: yes to both. I like that look (and I would not call it overprocessed). I accept the noise as being integral part of this specific process, and in my subjective opinion it looks good.

    If there was an alternative process with similar value distribution / local contrast and less noise I would look at its aesthetic (and thus subjective) merits to decide for myself whether to adopt it or not;.

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