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Hugin 2010.4.0beta2

Right on the heel of the first beta, here is the second beta in this release cycle.  It’s only one week since the first beta, but a lot of effort has gone into translations and bug fixes.  The changes since beta1 are summarized in the release announcement.

Once again the leading users have responded to the call and built binaries for their respective platforms.  Not that it is a competition, but this sounds almost like the results of a race with Harry van der Wolf coming in first with builds for Mac OSX, followed closely by Andreas Metzler’s Debian/experimental and Matthew Petroff with builds for Windows.  Extra bonus for Matthew who published his builds on our SourceForge page.  Uploading to SourceForge is easy and if your SSH-Key is correctly set in their system you don’t even need to enter a password.  Just start a command line and type something like

rsync --partial --progress -e ssh hugin-2010.4.0beta2.tar.bz2 yuv,hugin@frs.sourceforge.net:/home/frs/project/h/hu/hugin/hugin/hugin-2010.4_beta/

No such problems for users of platforms with proper package management system.

Bruno published Fedora builds at the usual location and I used Andreas’ Debian packages to publish Ubuntu builds for Lucid and Karmic in the Hugin PPA on Launchpad.  Moreover I tried a Soyuz feature and copied the Lucid source from the Hugin PPA to my personal PPA where it built successfully for Natty.  I  don’t have a Natty install yet so I can’t really test if it worked.

Next scheduled release is a release candidate for December 17.  Maybe an additional beta before that if further testing is required.  I don’t want to push too much on the builders.  The build mechanisms are oiled and ready.  If the performance of the last two beta releases is an indication for the future, this may be the first Hugin release to shrink the lag between source code release and binary release to less than 48 hours.

For now, happy bug fixing!

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