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Enblend Tracker on Launchpad

On the night from Sunday to Monday, with the help of Gavin at Canonical, we moved Enblend’s tracker from SourceForge to Launchpad.  Another step in the modernization of Hugin’s infrastructure.

Hugin is getting a lot of bug reports that actually concern Enblend, simply because Hugin is a GUI that uses Enblend in the back end.  Now, instead of marking them as invalid and asking the reporter to go and file the same report in the same SourceForge application but for a different project, we can simply mark with a single click that it affects Enblend, and the report is automatically moved to where it belongs.

Another great feature of Launchpad, but it works only if the concerned projects are all tracking issues on Launchpad.

I described the moving process for Hugin.  Here is the synposis for the command line.  But first start your web browser, log on to SourceForge and get the ${PROJECT}_export.xml file at https://sourceforge.net/export/xml_export2.php?group_id=${YOUR_PROJECT_ID}&show_projectsummary=0&show_projectresources=0&show_projectnews=0&show_filereleases=0&show_forums=0&show_trackers=1&show_tasks=0&show_projectadmin=0 (you will need to determine your project’s ID.

Get also get http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/annotate/head%3A/doc/bug-export.rnc

Then type:

sudo apt-get install rnv bzr
bzr branch lp:sfbugs2launchpad
sfbugs2launchpad/convert_sf_bugs.py ${PROJECT}_bugs.xml
rnv bug-export.rnc output.xml

Rename output.xml to something meaningful, post it on the web and ask nicely Canonical to import it for you.


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