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Hugin-2011.0_beta 1 released

I just kicked off a new release cycle with the release of Hugin-2011.0_beta1.

It’s only two months since our last release, and yet the project has made another leap forward.  Pablo improved CPFind (Hugin’s own patent-free control point detector) to the next level.  Darko integrated his Google Summer of Code 2010 project, making the fast preview even more interactive.  Thomas added a gray point picking tool for white balance control.  Vladimir Nadvornik added functionality to register stereo images.  And as usual there are lot of small improvement and bugfixes.

From a process perspective, this is the first time that we run a release with a formal schedule.  During the previous cycle I announced my intentions and mostly stuck to them; and when setting up Hugin on Launchpad I did reflect the previous cycles and releases in the project’s history.  But now dates are being put foward.  No panic, oh Open Source purists!  The dates are purely indicative and the principle still stands:  a release happens when it is ready, not when it is due.

From an infrastructure perspective, this is our first release since SourceForge was attacked.  For the first time I am actively seeking redundancy,  using both project hosting infrastructures available to us:  SourceForge and Launchpad.  The tarball can be downloaded here and here.  Nobody likes SPOFs.

To continue what I hope will become a tradition started with the 2010.4.0 release, this release will be dedicated to Claudius Ptolemaeus and Marinus of Tyre.  Details in the ‘about’ menu of the app.

And to start a new tradition, this release will feature artwork from a Hugin user in the splash screen.  There are a few candidates for it and you, the user, get a chance to choose which one will be adopted.  The cutoff date for the voting will be a few days before the first release candidate.

Enjoy the best Hugin ever!