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Spring Cleaning

This week TekSavvy started offering access to Rogers’ cable in London at better conditions.


Service Provider Price/M Transfert Speed
Express Teksavvy $36.95 300GB 10.0 down 0.5 up
Rogers $46.99 60GB 10.0 down 0.5 up
Lite Teksavvy $27.95 300GB 3.0 down 0.25 up
Rogers $35.99 15GB 3.0 down 0.25 up

With 300GB of transfer compared to Roger’s 60GB you can watch TV over the internet without worrying about overcharges.

Save an additional $40+/m.  Cancel Rogers cable.  Replace it with services like  Netflix ($8/month).  Watch your favorite CBC show on CBC.ca.  use the savings toward DVD rentals, add a title or two to your library, or go out to the local pub.

While spring-cleaning, replace also Roger’s home phone with Vonage.ca.  Vonage gives you a full service package for the price at which Roger’s home phone just starts with a basic package.

Add all of this up and you’ll be saving easily $360/year or more.

When you call Rogers to cancel the service they will try to offer you discounts and “benefits”.  Ask them why they are gouging you.  Don’t let them continue to gouge you.

It is outrageous that Rogers is increasing prices and reducing service while the worldwide trend goes the other way around.

3 Responses

  1. so that’s why you’ve also complained about the HD quality of Rogers’ TV on vimeo.com? Wanted to comment there, but was not allowed to :)

  2. @habi: I try to keep the conversation consolidated in a few places and Vimeo is for me video hosting, not conversation hosting.

  3. quit vonage 2yrs ago only way to go is voipms

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