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Don’t Tie Yourself Up

ISPs like Rogers and Bell love it when their customer use the email addresses provided “for free” with Internet access.  It promotes customer loyalty.  When you switch provider, you lose the email address.  Who wants to lose their email address?

If your email address ends with @rogers.com or @sympatico.ca you are vulnerable.  These address belongs to Rogers or Bell, not to you; and they can close it down / reallocate it to any other customer if you quit paying for their services.

The same happens when changing job if the email address is the one @<your_employer>.com.  Great if your contact address changes just when you are looking for a new job.

The web is full of horror stories.  Ordinary people lose their email addresses when they change ISP.  Then they can’t reset passwords for accounts that are tied to those email addresses.  They miss on notifications and communications to which they subscribed the old address.  They lose contacts as they forget to notify them of the address change.

This extra barrier gives ISPs the comfort that you won’t jump ship.  But what if you have no choice?  if you relocate to a neighborhood that is serviced by Telus (@globetrotter.net) and must give up your Bell services?  Sometimes you have no choice.

You know how cumbersome and costly an address change is.  In the electronic world it is no different than in the real world.  Reprinting business cards; notifying contacts of the change.  All of this takes time and cost money.

Savvy individual keep their personal email separate from their work email; and keep their personal email under their control and not under the control of their ISP.

The solution is simple:  open a free email account with one of the many providers such as gmail.com or yahoo.ca.  These services are free of charge (advertisment-financed), you can access them from everywhere the Internet is accessible and you control when the account is opened and closed, not your ISP or your employer.

And if you are still using ISP-provided or employer-provided email addresses, it is never too late to change.  Open a new address at a freemail provider and the transition will be painless and without pressure.  Move your correspondence to the new address until the ISP-provided address is only a spam-box for the unimportant clutter.

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