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One Week Can Feel Like an Eternity

I’ve been without internet service for a week. It made me realize how dependent I am on the internet.  I’ll blog later about this blackout, which I fully blame on Rogers, my ex-provider.

Life went on also without the internet.

For telephone services, my VoIP line falls back on the cell phone and I am still connected, albeit at a much higher price (a pre-paid by the minute plan).

For news I can do without the internet for a week or so. The fallback is aerial signals. Good that I have not thrown out that old radio, and the LCD TV I use as a computer display also has a tuner.

For email I can quickly go into a coffe shop. Many of them have free wireless for customers and quite frankly those who don’t will not get my business.

Where I missed the internet most was as a reference.  The internet has become integral part of my library.  Need to look up a word?  Want to render a series of images into a single PDF document using ImageMagick?  I’ve done it in the past, but how was it again?  The first reflex is to Google for it.  I am rediscovering man pages, but they are so much less convenient and appealing than a search on the web.  Preparing a financial statement, what was the USD to CAD exchange rate last month? now this is a difficult one to answer without internet access, and so is the weather forecast.

But now that I am up and running with TekSavvy, I get better bandwidth, more transfer, saved 25% and my Vonage phone no longer stutters.

I won’t miss you, Rogers.

2 Responses

  1. I can see you are in Canada – kind of nice to know that Hugin is developed close to home; I’ve got stung by the panorama craze a few years back and became a fan of hugin on linux.

    Myself I cut the rogers cable 4 years ago, back in the day when over-the-top TV didn’t really exist.

    For your homeline, you may want to take a look at “voip.ms”, a very solid canadian startup, you would likely be well impressed. Porting my line to them took 5 days, not too long ago.

    For TV, you may want to try XBMC and add the “CanadaOnDemand” plugin. You can get all the newscasts and most if not all the shows from all major tv channels.

    For prepaid wireless including 3g data, surely you heard about the new cellcos; if you live and work within the GTA they may be worth checking.

  2. @Ar: Thanks for the note. There are a few contributors to Hugin and Libpano in Canada, although most development nowadays is “made in Germany” and we’re anyway a global community with contributors from all over the world.

    Thanks for the hints. Voip.ms is already on my radar screen. Have an account there and did some tests, will switch to them when I have time.

    Been running XBMC on and off. The geek in me still prefers a full desktop and VLC. With a wireless keyboard, of course.

    The new cellcos are a small step in the right direction. Unfortunately not where I live. I use seven-eleven’s speakout.

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