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Must Read

It takes 30 seconds to go through this simple and effective presentation.  You draw your conclusions.  My conclusion is that now that Scroogle is unfortunately gone, DuckDuckGo is my favourite search engine.

4 Responses

  1. I really don’t get why anyone uses DuckDuckGo over Startpage. Both anonymize your searches. Both scrape their listings from other search engines. Startpage from Google. DDG from Bing. Does anyone really consider content scraped from Bing is higher quality than quality scraped from Google? Is there really any privacy benefit to using DDG over Startpage?

    I’m fine with people using DDG, but I just don’t get why so much of the FOSS world seems to have fallen for it, when as far as I can see Startpage is equal or better in every respect. Feel free to educate me.

  2. Oh gosh, you don’t read news, do you? :)

    For last several months if you are logged into Google account, your search quieres aren’t sent unless the destination website uses SSL too (at that means you are logged in there) which is like tiny percentage of the whole Internet out there.

    I’m currently getting 17.61% (stats for last 30 days) of protected visits at LGW and that means one visitor out of six doesn’t tell me how he found my website. If the amount increases (and it does so, gradually), I will be getting an increasingly bad picture what search queries lead people to my web site and that will in some respect affect my work.

    Now, there are many other ways to find out what kind of content people expect me to publish (I’m running KISSinsights right now), so it’s not a terrible thing. If people are that much concerned about privacy, so be it :)

    My point is, every search engine needs some way to monetize its work; it’s just business. Providing sensible adverts that convert isn’t possible without understanding background of a visitor. As a person who runs context ads in this blog you surely understand that, no? :)

  3. @Bugsbane: it is jot just privacy, and not just scraped search results. Startpage (and its sister-site Ixquick which seems to be using the same Bing dump used by DDG) does not offer the improvements that DDG does, specifically the filtering-out of the spam^H^H^H^Hcontent-farms such as e*How and others who pollute Google’s search results. Not sure about your qualification “equal or better in every respect”. My (so far short) experience is that DDG gives me good results. I will try Startpage and may adopt it if it is good. It is anyway better IMHO not to put all eggs in one basket and spread the searches over multiple engines.

    @Alexandre: News? Luxury! Besides two weeks over the Christmas break my recreational and informational reading is down to zero. My reading capacity is near saturation with the assigned reading from school. Will catch up in May.

    I do not mind information about my search being passed in the referer header. IMHO content-provider have a legitimate interest to know what drives people to their site and I have no interest hiding the referer from them, or, as you are doing now, filling out (genuine) surveys.

    I am also OK with search monetization, as in *here-and-now* I am searching for a term and *here-and-now* is the search engine opportunity to use about 1/3 of my screen to display sponsored links. This is what sites like DDG or Startpage limit themselves to; and this is where mainstream search engines have gone too greedy.

    The limit for me is the stalking and the related behavioural targeting. The 24/7 collection of bred-crumb traces including search queries, ip-addresses/geo-location, and visited web-pages is too much. I am not OK with being stalked; with private interests building profiles that are more detailed than James Bond can ever dream of.

  4. Follow Up: After a few weeks of usage, I settled with StartPage.

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