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Poetry in the Fourth Dimension

Back from almost one week without connecting to the internet, a pleasant surprise on the Hugin-PTX mailing list.

Every WordPress user knows that code is poetry.  David Haberthür took the Hugin code from its new Mercurial repository into the fourth dimension with Gource.  Inspiring.

Bad News For Mac OS X Users

Apple under the ShowerHarry van der Wolf has been a steady contributor to the Hugin project for more than two years. Due to circumstances beyond his control he can no longer feed the Mac user community with current snapshot builds of the latest and greatest Hugin and related tools. This comes at a critical time, with 0.8.0 so close to release. David Haberthür has offered some help, and we could use your help too! If you have access to a Mac, here is where to start. Let the community know how far you get and if you need help. Thank you.

What Do Hugin and the iPhone have in Common?

Apple under the Shower Both can be used in the panorama making process. In the end it is not the choice of tools that matters, but their creative use. David Haberthür shows an original and effective way to take panoramas with the iPhone and Hugin, using less than one minute of his girlfriend valuable time on the ski slopes.

Hugin Used For Figure In Scientific Publication

David Haberthür is a Ph.D.-Student at the Institute of Anatomy of Berne University in Switzerland. He studies the lung development in mammals by means of ultra-high-resolution x-ray tomography.

Recently he was co-author of a scientific paper and he used Hugin to explain the machinery that produces the ultra-high-resolution images.

During the Google Summer of Code 2008 application process I was wondering why he did not apply. I understood later on what his project for the summer was when this charming couple visited us during a one month camping trek through Canada.