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Fusion Control

Sébastien Perez-Duarte has contributed a patch to give photographer more control over the exposure resulting from the enfusion process. See an example here.

Building Hugin on Ubuntu

Not much talk of building Hugin and related tools on Linux lately. After the intensive debugging of the process at the end of last year, many Linux users on hugin-ptx are now self-sufficient. They download the latest code from the subversion repository, and they can build and use the bleeding edge Hugin everybody else is waiting for. They occasionally submit patches and features requests, all while checking that the build chain does not break with the frequent changes due to debugging.

Sometimes a small change breaks the build or the compatibility with a dependency, but with the  provided by Sébastien Perez-Duarte for Ubuntu and by Bruno Postle for Fedora every user with simple typographic skills and a little bit of patience can build Hugin and provide feedback if the build does not work.

Enblend CVS 20080129, Libpano13 SVN803, Hugin and Autopano-SIFT-C SVN2733 all built well while I was working on the Windows Installer and writing this article.