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Photoshop in ubuntu

photoshop ubuntu thumb

This is my current desktop. It’s a standard ubuntu, and on the right it runs Photoshop CS2, thanks to Wine’s latest version. The integration is not yet very polished – I can’t drag and drop images on Photoshop, and I had to write a shell script to open files with Photoshop from Nautilus that is still not clean enough (I can’t get multiple images concurrently into the RAW converter plugin). But it works well enough to be useful.

Photoshop was the last application that was keeping me using Windows. I have not seen my Windows desktop for a whole week and I am not missing it.

The install was fairly simple:

  • get the latest Wine from the WineHQ APT repository
  • get winetricks, start them and tick the box to install the corefonts
$ wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks
$ chmod u+x winetricks
$ ./winetricks
  • insert the photoshop CD, change into the folder and run the setup application.
$ wine Setup.exe
  • activate Photoshop by phone.

Hasta la vista, babe!